Decongestant Nasal Spray

This type of medication is very effective for relief of acute nasal congestion, and is being recommended to temporarily open the passages in your nose and sinuses, either to help prevent a temporary condition from progressing to a bacterial sinus infection, or in combination with other medicines to help clear a sinus infection. It is safe to use as recommended below, and is available without a prescription in any pharmacy.

Afrin® Nasal Spray (generic name: oxymetazoline)
Use two sprays in each nostril twice daily.
To prevent rebound congestion and damage to the nasal lining, you must stop use after five (5) days.

Do not stop use of your prescription nasal spray(s) unless directed by your physician.

Some other brand names of oxymetazoline nasal spray:

  • Neo-Synephrine® Maximum Strength 12-hour nasal spray
  • Duration® 12-hour nasal spray
  • Vicks Sinex® 12-hour nasal spray

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