Saline Nasal Moisturizers

Saline nasal spray is a very effective, healthy and safe method of treating the effects of dry nasal mucous membranes. These sprays can be used in combination with any other medications your physician may prescribe, but should be used before spraying another preparation into your nose.

Some popular brands of saline nasal spray:

  • Ocean® Nasal Spray
  • Ayr® Nasal Spray
  • Na-Sal® Nasal Spray
  • (Generic and house brands are equally effective).

These preparations are only effective if used frequently and regularly. We recommend two to three puffs in each nostril every two hours while you are awake. They cannot be used too often, as there are no harmful side effects.

  • Ayr® Saline Nasal Gel is another effective method to moisturize the nasal membranes. This preparation comes in a tube and can be squeezed onto a Q-tip or fingertip or squeezed directly into the nostrils to apply. It should be used at least three to four times daily and may be used in addition to or in place of a saline nasal spray.