Ragweed Images

Ragweed is a weed that grows freely almost everywhere in the United States. It is most common, though, in rural areas of the eastern and Midwestern states, where the soil is bare of other vegetation, such as vacant lots and along roadways and river banks. Each plant survives only one season but puts out as many as 1 billion grains of pollen in that time.

The end of summer to frost is the time of year that the plant produces pollen. Exactly what time on the calendar that pollen production begins depends on the geographic location. Generally speaking, the farther north you travel, the later the production begins.

Once the pollen production has begun, ragweed season does not stop until the first frost kills the plant. The pollen is so lightweight that the wind can carry it for hundreds of miles.
Ragweed is considered the King of Pollen Allergy.