Help Stop the Ringing!

Millions of Americans are frustrated with tinnitus.  There is relief available through a combined management approach.

It is estimated that 10-15% of the U.S. population (30-50 million of us) experience tinnitus – a ringing, roaring, buzzing, humming, or chirping sound in the ears.  While there is no cure, there are some strategies available for relief of this aggravating condition.

The key? Treating the underlying cause of tinnitus – hearing loss – while helping the patients better understand and cope with the noise in their head.

Treating hearing loss with discreet hearing aids allows the patient to hear speech more clearly and hear sounds that they have been missing. Because of the increased hearing ability and a shift in focus from their tinnitus to the newfound sounds, patients can experience true relief from their tinnitus.  These new hearing aids can also give the patient specific program settings that emit a specialized sound that is adjusted to their own tinnitus, as a means to help the patient shift their attention to something else.  By combining this improved hearing with relaxation techniques, the patient is better able to cope with the “noise” and lessen their anxiety.

The first step is to have a hearing evaluation to determine the degree of hearing loss (or if there is any at all) and then discuss a course of action for improved hearing and tinnitus relief.  This opportunity exists to help many people affected by tinnitus reduce their frustration and regain control of their lives.  

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